Chalcogenide Workshop

As part of the Glass Reflections Conference ChAMP are orgainising a one day workshop on Chalcogenides on 9 September 2015 at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge.

To attend please register with the day rate for the Chalcogenide workshop or you are also of course welcome to attend the entire conference, which runs from 7 – 9 Sept

Papers include:-

Emma Barney Structure-property relationships in antimony based chalcogenide glasses
Lifeng Chen Three-dimensional Chalcogenide photonic crystals
created by direct laser writing and chemical vapor deposition

 Richard Curry Localised control of chalcogenide properties
 Stephen Elliott Optical- and electrical-induced changes in chalcogenide glasses
  Ajoy Kumar Kar 3D Nonlinear Chalcogenide Devices
 Khouler Khan Achieving low loss chalcogenide glasses
Vinita Mittal High contrast mid-infrared chalcogenide waveguides for biosensing applications
 Stuart Reid  Protective infrared antireflection coating for chalcogenide glass
 Carlos Rios  Phase-change chalcogenide photonics
 Tomas Wagner  Nanoscale Memories in Chalcogenide Glass Films
 David Wright  Exploiting Mixed-Mode Optical-Electrical Functionality in Chalcogenide Glasses

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