Extruding chalcogenide glass for optical fibre

Core-clad GLS-Se optical fibre
Core-clad GLS-Se optical fibre from extruded preform*

ChAMP has demonstrated for the first time fabrication of a core-clad GLS-Se glass-based optical fibre using extrusion. For initial demonstration two glass compositions similar in thermal and mechanical characteristics were chosen, with only a 5wt% difference of Ga2Se3 between core and cladding. Billets of 30mm in diameter and different thicknesses were fabricated using established and repeatable melt quenching process in our facilities

GLS-Se extruded optical fibre preform
GLS-Se extruded optical fibre preform*

The extrusion process research yields 10 mm diameter core-clad glass fibre preforms up to 200 mm in length.  A number of pre and post extrusion refinements have been developed to increase the quality of the extruded preform, removing irregularities and sources of contamination enhancing our ability to draw continuous optical fibre without crystallization.

GLS-Se extruded optical fibre
GLS-Se extruded optical fibre**

Research efforts are now focusing on further control of the core diameter, using other compositions, including rare-earth doping decreasing the losses along side investigation of alternative fibre fabrication techniques for GLS.

*Pictures courtesy of University of Southampton PhD Student Fernando Guzman

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