Optical, Thermal, and Mechanical Characterization of Ga2Se3-Added GLS Glass published in Advanced Materials.

Video abstract of our latest publication in Advanced Materials Jul 6, 2017

The results of the addition of Se to gallium lanthanum sulphide (GLS) glass through the substitution of Ga2S3 by Ga2Se3 are described. An innovative open melting apparatus is used. The addition of selenium to GLS glass generally results in a lower glass transition temperature and an extended transmission

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Structural modification of GaLaS glass for a new family of chalcogenides

Andrea Ravagli presents the latest on ChAMP chalcogenide glass development at SPIE Secuirty and Defence in Anaheim on April 11 2017. Including new CTE, Tg and hardness measurements for up to 60% Ga2Se2 glass and the impact of Indium and Tellurium doping on infrared absorption.

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Material optimisation

The ternary compositional map of the electrical resistance contrast associated with the amorphous (as deposited) to crystalline (at 300C) phase transition for a GeSbTe thin film library

Optimisation of material composition for individual applications is a core part of ChAMP. This is achieved through partnership with the Advanced Composite Materials Facility (ACMF) at the University of Southampton headed by Prof. Brian Hayden and housed in the department of Chemistry. Continue reading

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Transmission of extended transmission GLS

Transmission of eGLS glass

Transmission of eGLS glass

The enhanced infrared performance of a new modified Gallium Lanthium Sulphide (GLS) chalcogenide glass family is illustrated in this transmission curve.  Details of the modification and the range transmission achieved are in Dan Hewak’s latest presentation.

The strong bonding and high glass transition temperature that characterise GLS glasses are maintained in this formulation and are anticipated to yield the enhanced mechanical, thermal and chemical durability seen in previous GLS glasses relative to other chalcogenide glasses. Further improvement of the loss in the infrared band and extended characterisation is anticipated in the coming months.

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New Chalcogenide coating collaboration

Building on ChAMP, the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) and Plasma App Ltd are collaborating in a one-year £150k feasibility study exploring novel thin film coating technology and applications for Gallium Lanthanum Sulphide (GLS) Chalcogenide glass

Continue reading

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Latest ChAMP glass demonstrates extended IR transmission

With a new glass formulation, ChAMP has extended the transmission of high durability non-toxic chalcogenide glasses from the visible to the thermal infrared LWIR band

Visible imaging with extended GLS glass

Visible imaging through extended GLS glass

Visible imaging through extended GLS glass

Simultaneous thermal imaging and visible edge recognition imaging through extended GLS glass

Images show a thermal LWIR image from 7-14 microns being simultaneously transmitted through the same glass as the visible image. With a glass formulation specifically chosen for its strong covalent bonding this new glass also has a transition temperature of over 450C, more than twice as high as other common chalcognides. This makes extended GLS physically, mechanically and chemically robust and compatible with molding and diamond turning. Opening the way to a new generation of light weight single optic simultaneous multiband visible, short-wave, mid-wave and long-wave imaging camera systems for applications in security, industrial and medical sensing.

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Next generation visible to thermal IR imaging with single glass

Thermal imaging through e_GLS
In operation at SPIE Security + Defence and Remote Sensing meeting in Edinburgh 27-28 September 2016ChAMP samples

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Lastest Chalcogenide Glass developments

Prof Dan Hewak

Prof Dan Hewak, University of Southampton

Prof Dan Hewak, presented the latest ground breaking developments on chalcogenide glasses developed in ChAMP on Wednesday 28 September 2016 at SPIE Security + Defence and Remote Sensing meeting in Edinburgh. 17:10 paper 9989-2

Dan’s full presentation on next generation chalcogenide glasses is available here including details of the new extended GLS glass with transmission to 14 microns.

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Research Position Available

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Recent results from partners at Exeter and Oxford featured in Nature Photonics


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